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Download The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D Full Movie | The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D Film Video

Genres: Family , Adventure , Action
Actors: Rebel Rodriguez , Racer Rodriguez , Rocket Rodriguez , Tiger Darrow , Shane Graham , Marc Musso , Rico Torres , Sasha Pieterse , Jacob Davich , Kristin Davis , David Arquette , George Lopez , Cayden Boyd , Taylor Dooley , Taylor Lautner
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 3.4/10 (10594 votes)

Dreamer Max, ridiculed by his classmates, conjures up his perfect dreamworld…the Planet Drool. But his dream is more powerful than even he suspects, and his favourite dream super-heroes, Sharkboy and Lavagirl, materialise on Earth. They need help from Max. All is not well in Max’s dreamworld. An alien intelligence is interfering and darkness threatens his beloved Planet Drool. Is it true, as Sharkboy and Lavagirl say, that only Max, the powerful dreamer, can stop it? Max takes off on a wild and dangerous journey to the fantastic Planet Drool with Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Can they discover the source of the danger? Will they be able to stop it in time?

Film Review

I really had to take the time to comment on this movie after having read the comments of some long winded bore who obviously takes themselves too seriously *coughzachataccough* First of all children aren't as moronic as the previous commenter would have you believe, and in that vein, people should take this movie as its meant..a pure and delectable escape…..its indulgent fun if you aren't a complete git who's murdered your inner child and therefore lost the capacity to view anything with a light heart and free mind….I watched this with my family and my children and they quite enjoyed it, I did not have to fear that my son would get the sudden urge to start spawning giant Dream Monsters on the front lawn, we're much too busy cleaning up after the R.O.U.S's and the incident with the rather large Chocolate Covered Fudge Biscuits……all in all, good fun…..Enjoy šŸ™‚ Maximillian PS Zachatac – please friend, next time you watch a movie like this make sure to take a…

This is by far the worst film I've ever seen. It's cheesy, predictable, and 1 dimensional (even the 3-dimensional aspect to this film couldn't make up for it). It's about this ugly, moronic little kid who daydreams about stupid superheros. Then the superheros come to his school and kidnap him to save their own planet. Then they go through various "tasks" like "the land of milk and cookies". The stupid lava-freak has identity issues and the ugly shark kid is a violent, rabid freak who needs some medication or something.I was embarrassed for watching this movie and for the people in it. it is a horrid insult to anyone who watches it.The guy who played "Shark-Boy" goes to my friends school. He's a Sophomore. He's not very popular and gets made fun of a lot…..

This uses color and glitz in place of story, character development, and heart, and falls flat on its face in the process.There is a story here, but it's lost among the detritus of cheesy effects, bad CGI, and some pretty bad Spam performances by three underage over-actors. If THIS is what Robert Rodriguez had in mind, I mean…if he did this on PURPOSE, I fear for Sin City 2 & 3, as he is producing, writing, and directing those, as well.But back to this trash.The characters have been poorly recreated, the setting is a planet, rather than a realm, and there is no Queen. The Nothing is replaced by the Darkness, and Atreyu/Bastian is now Max, whose adventure means nothing in the greater scheme of things, in place of the great quest of honor in search of truth, nobility, and self of Atreyu's tale.Also, some of this, like the Land of Milk and Cookies, felt more like Wonka's Chocolate Factory…or rather, a horrible disgusting CGI mess of it.Did I mention that this absolutel…